Monday, July 30, 2012

Photos: Monday is a good time to return to Cheverly Community Market...

At least in your mind! We had a great time on Saturday at the Market and hope you did, too! Photos are on our flickr page now.

Did you know that we have over 7,700 photos on our flickr page, spanning the history of Cheverly Community Market? Typically, about 800 photos are taken every Market, and we edit these down to the very best 100-300 of the bunch. What makes these the best of the lot? How do we choose what gets posted? The photos that make the final cut capture the spirit and feel of Cheverly Community Market and tell a story. We've heard many times from people who have seen the Market online and have been pleasantly surprised that what they experience when they visit in person matches the story we tell online. We hope you think so, too, and enjoy the opportunity to revisit your favorite Markets!

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