Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Week at the Market: Benny's Fruit Stand/Reberts Farm

Ah, the best part of summer is here. Juicy, wonderful stone fruits are in full season! We eat as many as we can, trying to store away the taste of sweet, sun-warmed, orchard-ripened fruit for the winter months that are coming. The sensation of juice running down your wrist as you devour a perfect peach? Store it up. The delicious tanginess of a plum bursting with complex flavors? Store that memory, too. You'll want to remember as you pull your coat on one of those frigid February mornings.

This week, Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm will have white and yellow peaches, as well as donut peaches, white and yellow nectarines, blackberries, a variety of plums, cooking apples, and new red potatoes to enjoy on a perfect summer weekend. Want to ensure that you have a little bit of summer with you all year long? Stock up and can or preserve some of summer's treasures this Saturday at Cheverly Community Market. Or make a pie, a cobbler, a delicious accompaniment to a grilled meal...the possibilities are endless.

You'll want to bring extra shopping bags for all the delectable wonders in store this weekend!

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