Friday, July 15, 2011

At the Market This Week: Simply Sausage

"But I was an avid cook. I bought cookbooks regularly, which I read cover to cover, and by trial and error learned new culinary techniques and a wide range of ethnic/national cooking styles and recipes. I also planted a garden...."
Stanley Feder, "How I Ended Up Making Sausages" from the Simply Sausages blog.

If you're reading the Cheverly Community Market blog, you're probably pretty invested in food, food preparation, food artistry... You probably own your share of cookbooks(or, like me, much more than your share), maybe even have a garden, make bread, have certain foods that you're known for, whether it's grilled steaks, delectable cakes, beautiful preserves...

There are people who go beyond aficianado status and truly learn the craft behind their passion. Stanley is one of those people. He and his team make the most delicious sausage, and their knowledge and dedication shine through. Make sure to stop by Simply Sausage at the Market this Saturday -- just follow your nose -- have a sample and we know you'll want to stock up on these treasures!

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