Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Community: Vine Corps Car Wash

LATE UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Vine Corps Car Wash will not be held at Saturday's Market. We apologize for any inconvenience and we do plan to reschedule at another time. Vine Corps is a great new organization in Cheverly, and we're happy to have them at the Market in the future. Chris Dwyer explains:

"Due to environmental concerns raised at the last minute, the car wash fundraiser will have to be postponed until a future Market. Vine Corps is confident that its car wash plan is in careful compliance with all eco-friendly requirements and recommendations, but more time is needed to work through processes of official approval.
Thanks again!
This Saturday's Market is shaping up to be quite a community event! We know that the community supports us, and we're happy to be able to help support our community...it's a big win-win. Vine Corps, headed by Chris Dywer, will be holding a car wash in the lower parking lot. Chris tells us about the organization...

The car wash is a fundraiser for Vine Corps, a recently incorporated nonprofit here in Cheverly that provides young people with personally-tailored educational support, access to crucial life experiences beyond the classroom, and good, adventuresome fun.

For now, Vine Corps membership is limited to high school-age youth. Members will be working the car wash, and funds raised will go primarily to help cover costs of a team-building, adventure-learning camping trip in August that will include activities such as rock climbing and repelling, orienteering, and whitewater rafting. In order to be eligible for the trip, youth must have participated in community service activities this summer.


Exterior Wash -- $6 (Cars & Vans)

Interior Vacuum, Wipe & Windows -- $6 (Cars) / $8 (Vans)

Full Treatment (Interior & Exterior) -- $10 (Cars) / $12 (Vans)

Show your car -- and Vine Corps -- a little love this Saturday morning!

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