Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Field Trip: A Dairy Farm in Massachusetts

Since many people are just returning from their summer vacations (and bemoaning the hot, humid DC-area weather!), today we begin a new series on field trips to interesting food places we've visited. First up: Flayvors of Cook Farm in beautiful Hadley, Massachusetts.

This family farm, located near Holyoke Mountain, serves up some of the best ice cream I've ever had (so good we had to return two days in a row!) Flayvors makes their ice creams using the cream from the cows you see right there. And they make some unusual flavors, such as Sally's coffee grounds (delicious), maple walnut ("the best ice cream I've ever had" -- direct quote from Charles) and asparagus (didn't try it but my cousin spoke highly of it) in addition to the standards (which, according to the kids we were with, were really, really, really yummy). And the coffee milk? Don't even get me started. Sooooo good. The people are lovely, too (even getting down on their knees behind the counter to take orders from the littlest kids!)

While enjoying ice cream, you can sit at tables out by the cows. The smell takes a minute to get used to, but watching those cows, and thinking about how such a simple thing (ice cream) can be so amazing is awfully relaxing. And when you're finished, you can go pet the cows and search out the chickens (they tend to hang out underneath the bushes near the cows...) We were truly sad to leave the farm, and I'm still thinking about their products days later, so you know it's good stuff.

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