Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Great Market...Thank YOU!

What a gorgeous morning for a Market! Thanks you -- as always -- to the vendors, volunteers, and customers who join us every other week for four hours of shopping, eating, indulging, and friendship. I spoke to a young woman this morning who had grown up in Cheverly and moved away. This was the first time she'd been in town for one of our Markets, and she couldn't believe how lovely it is.

This morning I learned some interesting things, among them: - Adults and children eat ice cream in very different ways. Kids attack it -- they enjoy every single taste. Adults taste, look, taste, examine, taste... It was funny, and I noticed it over and over and over. - Eve's Italian Colby grated over hot noodles may be the best pasta and cheese recipe you'll ever have.

Want to relive the sights of the morning? See what you missed? Visit our flickr page. We have over 4,200 photos spanning the history of Cheverly Community Market, and we're still growing!

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