Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At the Market This Week: Simply Sausage

The temperatures have been climbing and you know you don't want to heat up your kitchen (and house) with that stove...it's the perfect time to grill! This week, Simply Sausage will be bringing sausages that go well with grilled summer fruits (ever had grilled peaches?) and vegetables. Here's an idea: Saturday afternoon (or Sunday if you're busy Saturday!), fire up that grill, throw on some fabulous Simply Sausage, some peaches, maybe some plums...sliced crusty bread? After you enjoy delicious cooked sausages, fresh cheese, Maryland wine, and grilled bread and fruit, finish up with any remaining grilled fruit spooned over delicious local ice cream. What could be better? You'll probably want to invite some friends!
See you Saturday at the Market!

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