Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Make: Herb-Infused Oils

Here's another way to get the most from your Market purchases: herb-infused oils. They're simple to make and fun to experiment with.
There are two methods of infusion: hot or cold. The cold is self-explanatory -- simply place clean herbs in a clean bottle filled with a mild oil (extra-virgin olive oil works very well for this.) The strength of flavor is determined by how long the herbs stay in. For the hot method, heat the mild oil in a saucepan over low heat until it's warm (but not smoking). Take the pan off the heat and add your herbs, then let the oil cool in the pan. Put the cooled oil in a clean bottle (you can take the herbs out or leave them -- very pretty!)
Here's a simple combination:
* mild, extra-virgin olive oil
* several sprigs of rosemary
* garlic cloves, slightly crushed
I like using the heat method with this -- but make sure to discard the garlic when the oil has cooled! When it's cool, pour a little into a shallow dish and serve with good bread and some good, strong pecorino. And a glass of wine.
Experiment with using dry or fresh herbs, the hot or cold methods...you're sure to come up with some recipes that you -- and your friends -- will love.
Get the beautiful, fresh herbs you need from Emma Roberts of C&E Farms at this Saturday's Market!

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