Sunday, July 17, 2011

Road Trip: Rest Stops in Massachusetts

Cheverly Community Market board president Monica Mohindra recently took a trip to one of her favorite retreats: Maine. She tried to get some photos for us, but they didn't work out. Happily, she did bring us the story of an interesting phenomenon...and a recipe using farm fresh ingredients!

"Farmers Market at the service plazas along the toll pike in Massachusetts: I saw it in action and it was awesome. One woman told me everything she had to offer was just picked that morning, from her farm less then a mile away from the rest stop!"

According to
MassDoT, local farmers are able to set up stands free of charge at select rest stops along the Massachusetts Turnpike. There's also an interesting article posted on GoodFood. Now how many of us would prefer to buy local, fresh foods from local farmers instead of getting yet another stale pretzel or overpriced "value meal"? What a great opportunity to sample what different regions have to offer...if only more states offered this oppotunity to their farmers!

Monica's Warm Corn Salad
3 ears of corn
2 cups cherry tomatoes
1 green bell pepper
2 zuchini
optional: 1 slices local bacon
2 pinches local parmesean

Quick steam corn, then slice off the kernels. Dice and saute onions over medium heat (dice and add bacon) until onion is translucent. Dice and add pepper, cube and add zuchini, until starting to caramelize. Add corn kernals. Split and add tomates until hot, but not mushy. Salt, pepper and parmesean to tasted. Serve immediately.

Thanks, Monica -- can't wait to try this recipe (and it's perfect for our Buy Local Challenge Week, so double win!) Have a food story from your vacation that you'd like to share?
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