Friday, May 11, 2012

Food for Thought: Slow Food

In our culture, where everything is race, race, race, to bigger, faster, better, there's a group of people who are doing the opposite. Slow Food USA believes that everyone on our planet has the right to clean, fair, good food. They advocate for fair, clean farming policies and fair treatment of farm workers. Some of their activities include: 
  • Raising public awareness, improving access and encouraging the enjoyment of foods that are local, seasonal and sustainably grown
  • Caring for the land and protecting biodiversity for today's communities and future generations
  • Performing educational outreach within their communities and working with children in schools and through public programs
  • Identifying, promoting and protecting fruits, vegetables, grains, animal breeds, wild foods and cooking traditions at risk of disappearance
  • Advocating for farmers and artisans who grow, produce, market, prepare and serve wholesome food
  • Promoting the celebration of food as a cornerstone of pleasure, culture and community

Slow Food USA has an excellent blog where they explore many aspects of food and food production. You can read about rooftop gardening, biodynamics, gardens in Africa, and a host of other topics. Highly recommended reading. There are also local chapters, SlowFood DC, SlowFood Baltimore, and SlowFood Delmarva. Visit their websites to learn how you can get involved in this movement.

That's Food for Thought this Friday.

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