Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Week at the Market: Martha's Jams

Martha Allen makes some of the most delicious jams and preserves you will ever taste. Every year -- around March -- I find myself wishing that I had stocked up more of Martha's Jams during the Market season, because those lovely tastes of pure fruit and sun seem like the perfect thing to chase away the winter chill. Well, the wait is over! Stock up on a few jars this weekend at Cheverly Community Market. Delicious on your morning toast, they're also great in marinades for the grill. A favorite sandwich is a toasted crunchy baguette slathered with goat cheese, Martha's peach preserves and a little arugula.

This weekend, in addition to the many varieties (including sugar free!) that Martha always carries, she was able to get some cherries (just starting to ripen in the neighborhood trees) and just enough jars to bring fresh cherry preserves to us at the Market. My mouth is already watering, and I bet yours it, too! Visit Martha at Cheverly Community Market this Saturday, and stock up on spring and summer in a jar!

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