Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Vendor: Cherry Glenn Cheese/Palmyra Cheese

"New" is something of a misnomer here -- way back in 2008, Cheverly Community Market used to sell Cherry Glen Goat Cheese and it was very popular with our customers. We're so glad to have them back with us...and they're bringing along Palmyra Farm Cheese, too! Let's put this one in the "what's old is new again" category!

Cherry Glen Farm produces hyper-fresh farmstead goat cheese in their solar creamery in Boyds, Maryland. Cherry Glen Farms strives to keep the dream of local, responsible, sustainable food alive by milking twice a day seven days per week. They do not import milk from a third party and they feed their 800 goats, milk and care for them while controlling the process from beginning to end. This is how Cherry Glen can produce an award-winning hyper fresh goat cheese that rockets from the farm directly to your table. Cherry Glen silver is mild and sweet. The ash is tangy.The chipotle is bold and smoky.Cherry Glen's divine gold is creamy and luscious. The French crottin is a show stopper and has an earthy mild flavor profile. They do not use animal rennet so no animal by- products go into the production of the cheese and vegetarians rave about the cheese. Cherry Glen is a solar facility and they are constantly striving to lower their carbon footprint.

Palmyra Farm Cheese is a local family farm located near Hagerstown, MD. Some 300 purebred registered dairy cows call the farm their home. Palmyra farm only uses whole milk produced by its cows to make its 100 percent pure pasteurized cheeses. Their cheeses are farmstead artisan cheeses and come in several variations.

The week, Barret Lang and his team will have a terrific selection of fresh goat cheese from Cherry Glen, including fresh chevre, fresh ricotta and Goat Brie -- all vegetarian-safe. They'll also have vegetarian-safe cow cheese from Palmyra, including fresh feta, Chesapeake cheddar and two amazing spreads: Dill and Blueberry. 

Visit with Barret and the good people of Cherry Glen and Palmyra this Saturday at Cheverly Community Market, and help us welcome some new "old" friends!

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