Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Week at the Market: Cherry Glen Goat Cheese and Palmyra Cheese

It's almost lunch time. I bet you're sitting at your desk getting hungry and the photos of fresh produce have only served to get you thinking about all the things you could buy for lunch. But nothing is quite what you want. This sandwich has a sauce that's bland, that salad has all sorts of stuff you just don't like... Let me suggest this for next week (or this week, if you have shown remarkable restraint and haven't consumed every last thing you bought on May 19!) Why not take your lunch to work next week? Using fresh ingredients from Cheverly Community Market, you can make a far better lunch than you can buy in a lunch shop -- and it will be exactly what YOU want. And why not make the foundation of a few of those delicious homemade lunches fresh cheese from Cherry Glen Goat Cheese and Palmyra Cheese?

Saturday, Cherry Glen will be bringing fresh Chevre, fresh Ricotta, lots of Gold Brie Ash, Chipolte and Silver, and a few Crottin.  Palmyra will be bringing Chesapeake Cheddar, as well as cheese spreads (I highly recommend the blueberry!) and more... 

Get all the makings of the best lunches you can have -- exactly the way you want -- at Cheverly Community Market this Saturday!

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