Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thank you for a spectacular opening day!

That was even better than we'd hoped for...and our hopes were pretty high! From vendors selling everything they brought with them to over 70 kids participating in KidMarket, today was a BIG success. We owe it to you -- our volunteers, our vendors, our patrons -- for making this a truly special way to begin the 2012 season! From all of us at Cheverly Community Market, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I was struck by how many people I observed today truly tasting -- and truly enjoying -- food. Luscious, still slightly warm from the field strawberries, pastries, cupcakes, ice cream, Jamaican patties, and my favorite -- ginger beer. I had been thinking about that specific taste since our Holiday Market last year -- sharp and sweet yet mild, too. It was such a treat to be reintroduced to it this morning, and a joy to find that it was just as delicious (maybe even more) than I remembered. I suspect that I was not alone in revisiting some of my favorite tastes from past Markets this morning, and I hope you found your old favorites and some new loves, too.

We'll have photos up on our flickr page in a day or two (we really need a little rest!) but keep checking the blog this week for recipes and stories, and next week for information on all the great vendors we'll have for you at our next Market on June 3. And if you want to be a sign ambassador, let us know -- we have only a few left and we'd love to have your help in spreading the word about Cheverly Community Market!

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