Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This week at the Market: Cherry Glen Goat Cheese/Palmyra Cheese

We are great fans of Cherry Glen Goat Cheese and Palmyra Farm Cheese here at Cheverly Community Market, and we know that they have quite a big local following, being featured prominently on the menus of some of our favorite local restaurants. We're so lucky to have them with us at the Market each week -- we hope that you take advantage of this great treat!

This weekend, there will be three new spreads from Palmyra: Strawberry, Horseradish and Hot Pepper, as well as samples of their Chesapeake Cheddar. Think of some creative ways to use about grilled pizzas or panini? Some Hot Pepper would be great with roasted red peppers and sausage, or horseradish maybe with sweet carmelized onions? Strawberry cheese spread on slices of ripe melon with a little mint chiffonade and thinly sliced strawberries? Delicious. As for that Chesapeake Cheddar...crab quesadillas is the first thing that comes to mind. Let your inner creative chef go wild!

And, lucky you, there's a sale this week on Cherry Glen Goat Cheese: buy an Ash, Silver or Chipotle and get $1.00 off your Chevre or Fresh Ricotta. These are amazing cheeses -- flavorful and complex. Lovely. The Monocacy Ash is pictured here -- great in all sorts of recipes or on its own. (We've been known to make rather decadent omelets with this one!)

Make sure to stop by the Cherry Glen/Palmyra tent this Saturday and stock up on these unique artisanal cheeses. You'll have the same great ingredients that go into some of your favorite restaurant meals!

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