Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This week at the market: Simply Sausage

At Cheverly Community Market, we're always looking for new ways to celebrate food. Okay, it may be that we like a good party, and a food celebration is as good a reason as any other. But the point stands: celebrations and food go hand in hand. We're especially excited that July is National Grilling Month. And what better way to celebrate than with amazing artisanal sausages from Simply Sausage?

This Saturday, visit Stanley and the Simply Sausage crew for your grilling needs! They'll have dozens of sausages that do well on the grill. From the simple but delicious butifarra to the complex and spicy merguez or chipotle beef chorizo we have more than twenty tasty options for grilling. And they'll sample some of them on Saturday.

On a personal note, of the sausages we've sampled so far, we're big fans of the rosemary lamb and duck varieties. They're all wonderful, but these two are new to us and so especially interesting. Market Manager Liz O'Learys husband, Pat, grilled up a bunch, including barackwurst, duck, merguez, and rosemary lamb on Sunday night (when, thanks to a lack of power, grilling was the only option) and they were amazing. So many different flavors came through and it was a great treat. (If you follow us on FaceBook, you've already seen the evidence!) 

Make sure to get to Simply Sausage this Saturday -- Stanley can help you pick something that's just right for your National Grilling Month celebrations...and we won't tell if you start celebrating a day early!

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